“The first National Woman's Day was observed in the United States on 28 February. The Socialist Party of America designated this day in honor of the 1908 garment workers' strike in New York, where women protested against working conditions.”


In today’s evolving society it’s important to keep elevating and celebrating women in the workplace. I couldn't be more honored to profile the amazing women I am privileged to work with every day. We are building a workplace where women thrive in a traditionally male dominated field. We are thankful for our progressive employers of BenFranklinPlumbing, OneHourHeatingandAir, and MisterSparkyElectric of Pleasantville who know our value and support and encourage our growth.

Without further ado, our amazing female employees:

A picture of Samantha

Samantha Swan

I have been with our company for over 15+ years. I am currently the VP of Finance and assist with daily operations 😊

A picture of Virgina

Virginia Briglia

I have been with the company too long. Lol. Feb 2009 I started with One Hour and we came together with Ben Franklin Plumbing October 2012. My job includes a gamut of duties! Haha. Controller for One Hour (payroll, AP/AR, process union dues, ST admin, etc), HR, end of 2022 VP of Internal Operations (responsible for Call Center/Dispatch, HR, Warehouse, IT, Facility Maintenance, Purchasing).

A picture of Erin

Erin Griemsman

I have been with One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning for almost 8 years now. I started as a dispatcher and call taker and currently work in the warehouse for all three of our brands.

A picture of Natasha

Natasha Chen

Time: 2.5 Years

Job: Finance Account Manager

Day to day task including:

• Processing and Monitoring open Purchase Order with vendor invoice.

• Liaising with vendors for purchase invoices and make sure all the bills are recorded and paid.

• Make sure all the expenses under three business units are valid and reconciled.

• Provide an ad hoc task to assist VP Finance on the finance side on a daily basis.

• Assist with maintaining and monitoring the companies budget.

• Advanced in Microsoft Office.

A picture of Janet

Janet Glick

I have worked for the company since Aug ’22. I work in the accounting office handling the daily deposits, various reports, and other misc. tasks. I am responsible for vehicle operations, which includes GPS & camera installation/service, EZ Pass, registrations & Insurance. I also handle HR duties, such as On-Boarding, Workman’s Comp claims, PTO, and payroll reports. I enjoy decorating the office for the holidays! I am excited to continue learning new things and love working with everyone!

A picture of Alyssa

Alyssa Phillips

My name is Alyssa, I have worked in the call center since August 15th, 2022. My priorities are making sure the technicians’ schedule is booked up for the next day. Also, making sure customers are pleased with our service and technicians; which is done by giving a call to every home our companies have been in. I have been with the companies for such a short time, but I genuinely love what I do’ and see myself staying put for a while. I am excited to continue to learn new things every day, from life lessons from my co-workers, to learning about homeowners’ needs that I will apply to my own life one day!

A picture of Camille

Camille Thomas

I have been with the company for 1 ½ years.

I handle permits & register equipment.

A picture of Charley

Charley Westphal

I have been with the company almost 4 years.

I started working in the call center then transitioned into accounting.

I handle the financial side of jobs from start to finish. I assist the technicians with day-to-day request ranging from questions with customers accounts to applying for financing. I also complete the rebates for customers.

I handle all inquires from customers and their concerns. I also make sure Janet and Natasha laugh at least once a day. 😊

I love working here and honestly haven't worked for a better company.

A picture of Sarai

Sarai Dearce

Hello, my name is Sarai. I came from Colombia when I was 5 years old. I am a mother of two boys and loving it! I started with the company on June 1st of 2020. I am a customer service representative, whose responsibility is to book calls and provide an outstanding customer service experience! I love how much knowledge I have gained since I started here. I love the diversity and atmosphere. I also enjoy how much our company spoils us! ❤

A picture of Monica

Monica Martinez

I’ve been with the Punctual Pros since December of 2022, but I’ve been working in this industry for 9 years and counting! My role within the company is to assist in managing the on-site call center, implementing the software program goals, as well as doing the Daily Management Reports. I enjoy working with this company because the staff and management teams are great. The appreciation is next level! Most importantly, our company core values are implemented every day and encourages us to be better on and off the clock.

A picture of Destynee

Destynee Pomales

I started working for the family business in 2011, when I was 14 years old, filing all our invoice paperwork and putting marketing packets together. After a few months I advanced into a CSR role, and by the summer of 2013 I was dispatching. After high school I moved to Tampa to pursue a degree in hospitality management at University of South Florida. Upon completing my bachelors I decided to move back to NJ and continue to work in the family business. I got right back into dispatching but also learned the ins and outs of our field service management software to better advance our company as we continue to grow.

A picture of Karen

Karen Sweitzer

I am the marketing manager, and dispatcher for Ben Franklin Plumbing. I have worked here for 2 years, and counting. I love this company, and all the people I work with.

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