Has this ever happened to you? You got to turn off a light and notice that the light switch is hot. If you feel a hot light switch, you have a problem. Get electrical help right away if you notice this issue.

Common causes of a hot light switch include:

Faulty Wiring

A bad wire could be the cause of a hot light switch. You may be wondering how your lights can still function even with faulty wiring. Although the wires are in contact, they’re likely barely touching. This will force the electricity to operate through a smaller path which creates heat. Faulty wiring should be dealt with by an experienced and licensed electrician.

Overloaded Switch

Light switches, just like outlets, have a limit on how much electricity they can handle. Most standard lights switches can handle a load of 15 amps. If you’re using too much power, it could overload and become a fire risk. Have an electrician assess your light load and change to a switch that is appropriate for your needs.

Failing Switch

Overtime, the contacts inside of the switch will become worn and can even shift. This will result in electricity flowing improperly which can lead to overheating. Replace your light switches if they’re hot or if you notice abnormal sounds like popping or hissing.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches work differently than regular on and off switches. They contain a semiconductor, much like a transistor, that controls the amount of electricity being sent to the light. While it’s typical for a dimmer switch to feel a little warm to the touch due to the buildup of energy and heat, it should not be hot.

Professional Electrician in Atlantic County

If you’re experiencing an issue with a hot light switch, you need an electrician right away. Fortunately, replacing a light switch is a simple and inexpensive fix. A skilled electrician should be able to swap out or upgrade your light switch in no-time. Contact the electricians at Mister Sparky of Pleasantville for prompt service. No matter what time of day, we’re here for you!