Your electrical outlets: you use them nonstop, and you probably don’t give them too much thought, even though they have the potential to be dangerous. That’s why it can be especially alarming when they malfunction in any way. When your electrical plugs, whether it’s charging a phone, a lamp, or any other device, falls out of the socket, you should fix this issue right away. Loose electrical outlets could lead to a variety of electrical hazards.

Is it the plug or the outlet?

If your device’s electrical plug falls out of the outlet, the issue could be the receptacle or your device’s prongs. That’s why you’ll need to try a couple of devices first to be sure the issue is the outlet, and not bent or distorted prongs.

If the issue is your device, you have a couple of options: for chargers, simply throw them out and replace them. If the appliance is a lamp or something larger, you can also book an appointment for an electrician to replace the plug. Either way, don’t try to bend or hold plugs in place to get them to stay in. Doing so could cause a short.

Causes of loose electrical outlets

If the issue is the outlet, it could be caused by a number of factors. Most commonly, the outlet’s connectors have been worn out from repeated use. This often occurs in older homes or with outlets you use repetitively over long periods of time (for instance, the outlet you use to charge your phone or other devices, or the one you plug your vacuum into).

If an outlet is loose, you should also check for other related issues, like bad wiring. Old outlets or outlets with bad wiring are a risk for sparks, arcs, or even fire.

Should you fix loose outlets yourself?

If you’re comfortable with moderate-level DIY projects, you could replace an old outlet yourself with the purchase of a new one. However, working with your electrical outlets comes with risks, especially if the outlets are older or also reveal hidden wiring issues.

Hiring a professional electrician to evaluate and replace your loose outlets means you’ll avoid the risks of working with your own electrical system: shock, fire, or making things worse. Licensed electricians can get the job done quickly. They can also evaluate any non-working or two-prong outlets that might need attention as well.

Safely Fix Loose Electrical Outlets

If one or more of your outlets are worn out and loose, trust the professionals at Mister Sparky to quickly and safely replace your outlets. Experienced electricians can evaluate your wiring and make any necessary repairs to keep your plugs working just as you expect. Contact Mister Sparky electricians for prompt service in South Jersey.