The summer months can play havoc with our electric bill, particularly when many of us are still working from home. You may wonder how to cut your costs and where to focus your efforts. To get started, you should know which appliances use the most energy.

The Energy Suck

Residential use accounts for a third of the electric consumption in the United States. Considering the high demand from offices, commercial spaces, and factories, that’s a big piece of the pie.

Hungry HVAC

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the biggest draw of electricity in your home is from your HVAC system, accounting for more than half of your electrical bill

To reduce this high demand, make your system is in excellent working order. Have your system regularly inspected and serviced.

Other ways to cut your electric bill are:

  1. Only use your air conditioning during the hottest times of the day
  2. Add ceiling fans to increase comfort levels
  3. Replace air filters regularly to prevent over-cycling
  4. Dress for the season indoors as well as outdoors

Clean as a Whistle

The second biggest draw on your electric bill is water heating. Most homes have water heaters that keep the reservoir at a constant temperature. This can add up over time.

Some ways to reduce the price of keeping clean are:

  1. Insulating your water heater with a thermal jacket
  2. Insulating hot water pipes
  3. Turning down the temperature on the heater to 120 degrees
  4. Installing a timer on your water heater
  5. Install more efficient point-of-use instant water heaters

Keep Your Cool

Another energy draw in your home is your refrigerator. Like your water heater, it also must maintain a constant temperature.

It’s critical to health to keep your food at the right temperature, but you can use it more efficiently.

  1. Make sure the temperature is on the correct setting for your ambient home conditions
  2. Organize your fridge so that the most-used items are in front
  3. Clean the coils on your fridge to improve efficiency
  4. Clean behind and under your fridge for optimal airflow around the appliance

Wash Day

Your washing machine uses up a lot of water, but it’s your clothes dryer that eats up electricity. Many homeowners set it and forget it, and who isn’t guilty of letting the dryer “babysit” your clothes when you’re too busy to fold?

Some important tips for reducing energy consumption on laundry day:

  1. Don’t overload the machine
  2. Clean the lint trap after each load
  3. Regularly clean debris from the dryer vent
  4. Hang clothes dry if feasible

Find Out Where Your Wallet is Leaking

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