Following the devastation caused in New Jersey by Hurricane Ida, we know that a generator can be a real life saver. To make sure that your investment pays off and that it remains working in a pinch, you should follow a schedule for standard maintenance for your home standby generator.

What Maintenance Does a Standby Generator Need?

Regular preventative maintenance can extend the life of your generator, giving it a lifespan of up to 30,000 if well cared for and maintained.

Luckily, standard maintenance on your standby generator is pretty straightforward. While you should have your generator inspected and serviced annually, there are regular maintenance tasks you can perform yourself on a weekly and monthly basis.

Weekly maintenance

  1. Exercise the generator by running it at full load for about 15 minutes. This keeps it lubricated and the battery charged.

  2. Check the fuel levels to ensure the generator is ready to use if needed.

  3. Make sure your standby generator is set to start automatically after a power disruption.

  4. Perform a quick visual inspection of the generator for leaks or loose wiring

Monthly maintenance

  1. For gas-powered generators, check the fuel lines to ensure they are undamaged and properly connected.

  2. For diesel generators, check the fuel and water separators and drain the excess water.

  3. Check the oil level and top it off if its low.

  4. Examine the battery terminals for corrosion and secure connection.

  5. Inspect the air filter and replace it if necessary.

  6. Check the coolant levels and add more if required.

  7. Remove any debris from the enclosure for debris and cut back any overgrowth of grass or shrubs.

Annual Inspection and Maintenance

Annual maintenance is best performed by a trained technician, and this may even be a requirement of the manufacturer's warranty.

  1. Check battery electrolyte levels

  2. Inspect drive belts and hoses

  3. Check the lubrication system

  4. Examine fuel system for leaks and loose connections

  5. Inspect the exhaust system

  6. Change the fuel filters

  7. Examine and replace spark plugs

  8. Flush the coolant and replace

  9. Perform a load bank test

How Often Should a Standby Generator Be Serviced?

Make an appointment today with your local professionals at Mr. Sparky of Pleasantville. We can perform all the standard maintenance for your home standby generator or just the annual inspection and maintenance. Your generator will last for many years and be standing by when you most need it if you invest in its care.