In 2020, hundreds of thousands of New Jersey homes suffered power outages from severe weather. In March 2022, heavy winds up to 60 mph during a surprise early spring storm caused power outages. Climate change has meant an increasing number of storms along the Atlantic coast. This is just one of the reasons to consider a whole home generator.

What is a Whole Home Generator

You’ve probably seen portable generators for sale at your local home improvement center. These are great tools for short-term emergency situations.

Portable generators are small enough to move around easily. These models are perfect for getting through a storm or when camping for extended periods.

Portable generators keep your fridge or freezer cold during a short blackout. They can also run small appliances when the power goes out.

But a whole home generator, also called a standby generator, is for longer term safety and security.

Whole home generators are stationary and installed near your home. They’re permanently connected to your electrical system, as well as your natural gas lines or propane tanks.

One of the best features of a whole home generator is that they’re programmed to kick on when your home’s electricity fails. Better yet, they’re powerful enough to power a wide variety of appliances and equipment in your home. Then, when power is restored, they automatically turn off and allow your electrical system to take over.

That’s where the term “standby” comes from. They’re an automatic backup to any and every electrical failure. And that’s when you’re not home and when you’re asleep.

Reasons to Get a Standby Generator

The idea of completely automatic, hands-free operation might be enough to convince you. However, if it isn’t, then there are some very specific reasons that might:

Protection from further damage

Storms that cause outages cause a host of electrical issues from the surge. Then, there’s the potential of losing a month’s worth of groceries in the freezer.

Winter storms can result in frozen pipes if the power to your furnace goes out. This often means broken pipes and interior flooding that costs thousands of dollars in damage.

Finally, if you have a sump pump, and your electric goes out in the middle of a storm, you’ll also have a flooded basement to contend with.


If you’ve been relying on a portable unit as a backup for outages, you should know that whole-house generators are far more efficient. With portable units, you’ll need to keep the tank full of gasoline. If your outage lasts for several days, you’ll need to spend more gas driving around trying to find more gas.

Standby generators use natural gas, which is more fuel efficient, as well as more convenient.

Safer than portable

Driving around with a can of gas in your car isn’t the safest way to travel. You also need to store it near your generator and near your home. Along with the risk of combustion, there are also the fumes and odor from the machine.

Saves money

Keeping a reliable source of power on hand saves you money. Many finishes, fixtures, and appliances in your home become ruined without conditioned air.

The ability to run the heat and air during a power outage protects your furniture from mold and mildew. It also maintains the right humidity to preserve electronics and computers.

Preserves health

If one of your family members has delicate health, your heat and air may be medically necessary. Those with allergies and asthma often rely on the HVAC filter to breathe normally.

The need to operate oxygen machines, CPAP machines, insulin pumps, and other medical appliances is a very good reason to consider a whole home generator.

Keeps you working

If you’ve made the switch to remote work, you know a power outage of just a few hours destroys your productivity. If your income relies on your ability to stay connected, a whole home generator is an important investment.

Keeps you moving

A standby generator is capable of charging electric vehicles. If the power in your home is out for a long time, you’ll need a reliable way to charge your car.

Keeps you connected

Big storms are scary. A whole home generator offers reliable phone charging so you can check in with family members or even call for help if you need it.

Adds value

Adding a professionally installed standby generator to your home can increase its value up to 5 percent, and experts say you’ll get a 150 percent return on your investment. It could also lower the premiums on your home insurance.

If you’re ready to make the step up to a whole home generator, make an appointment today with the team at Mr. Sparky in Pleasantville. We’ll give you a free estimate on the right standby generator for your home.