Recessed lighting adds a custom-built look to your home. In fact, it offers so much glamor that you probably think it comes with a high-end price tag. If you’d love that look in your kitchen or living room, you may be wondering is recessed lighting expensive?

Let’s look at the factors that drive the cost of recessed lighting installation.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Lighting

Several factors can make recessed lighting expensive, including:

  • Number of lights used

  • Location of recessed lights

  • Type of fixtures chosen

  • Existing wiring available

  • Obstacles in the ceiling

You can estimate approximately $400 per fixture to have traditional recessed lights installed. The cost may rise, depending on the above factors.

Cost of Recessed Lighting

The type of lights used determines much of the cost of recessed lighting.

Can lights

Can lights, also known as pot lights, are the traditional type of recessed lighting fixtures. They run between $35 to $250 and comprise the housing, ceiling trim, and lamp.

The build quality and aesthetic design of the fixture affects the price, but most manufacturers produce recessed fixtures that fits a range of budgets.

LED recessed lights

LED canless integrated fixtures are easier to install and use less electricity. They also have the added benefit of remaining cool, so they won’t add demand to your AC load.

You can find low profile models that fit easily into tight spots. These canless LED models cost from $20 to $30.

Bluetooth Smart home LED recessed lights connect to your home system. They offer remote control for vacation settings, dimming, and even color displays. Expect to pay from $20 to $50 each for the fixtures.

You can estimate from $50 to $150 per fixture for professional installation for these models.

DIY Potential

If your ceiling is already wired for recessed light fixtures, you may be able to perform the necessary installation yourself. However, this is a project for an advanced home DIY renovator.

Installing the fixtures is pretty straightforward. Wiring them where there is no existing electrical source and doing so in a code-compliant way is the tricky part.

The project involves mounting and wiring electrical boxes and drilling holes in your ceiling. So, most homeowners pass this project on to professionals, unless they are simply replacing existing fixtures.

The Real Value of Recessed Lights

While fixtures themselves are relatively inexpensive, much of the cost of recessed lighting lies in the cost of labor. But that’s also value for money.

When you weigh the value of training, accountability, and experience, the cost of a professional installation is well worth it. Experimenting with your home’s electrical system can lead to property damage and serious injury.

Adding the style and glamour of recessed lighting to your home is not the time to cut corners. Make an appointment today with the pros at Mr. Sparky of Pleasantville for an estimate on your fabulous new look.