Cords and leads are more than just a mere nuisance. Not only do they look unsightly – they tangle, they twist, they easily break – but they can pose a significant health hazard. If you have small children and pets around your home, it's important you protect your cords and cables. Here are some of the reasons why.

Electrical Cords Are Tripping Hazards

Cords and cables that run across carpets, from one side of the room to the other, can be dangerous. Loose-hanging wires are just as bad. Why? People can trip over them and injure themselves.

Running wires through walls is a much better option. This will prevent people from falling over and stop children and pets from messing around with cables. This is a difficult job to complete on your own, though. Hire the services of a qualified electrician like Mister Sparky to get the job done properly. Contact us for a free quote right now.

Risk of Electrical Shock

Loose wires can even cause electrical shocks. If the cord has an exposed live wire, it could create an electrical spark when touched.

"Make sure the cords on your equipment bear the Underwriters Laboratory, or UL, label," says the Houston Chronicle. This hallmark certifies that the cord meets the necessary safety standards in the United States. Some products manufactured in foreign countries might not have this label.

Cords Can Cause Fires

Loose or faulty power cables can be a fire hazard. This is a problem that can escalate very quickly and put you and your family's lives at risk.

Cord covers can be one way to counteract this issue and prevent damage to cables which can lead to a fire. However, you should hire a professional to install these for you. If you fit cord covers incorrectly, you won't protect wires properly.

Cords and power cables look harmless enough but, in extreme cases, they can cause electrical shocks, spark a fire, and become a tripping hazard. Protecting your cords, therefore, is a good way to optimize safety in your home.