If you're looking for a simple, affordable way to spice up your kitchen, installing cabinet lighting is a great idea. Under-cabinet lighting not only gives you extra task lighting to help you see at night but also adds a little luxury to the room. And the best part is that it doesn't take long to install. Take a look at the basics of adding under cabinet lighting to your home if you're considering this home improvement project.

Choose the Best Under Cabinet Lighting for Your House

First, you need to pick the right lights for your home. There are lots of types of cabinet lighting to choose from. For example, there are round lights that look like hockey pucks, which are easy to install since they don't require wiring. You can just stick them to the bottom of the cabinet and press them to turn them on. They provide a white light that should make it easy to see anything on the counter underneath them, but the downside is that their batteries will eventually run out and you'll have to replace them.

If you want a brighter light that will shine over a wide portion of your counter, consider slim fluorescent under cabinet lighting. This type of light is easy to position so it shines in the direction you need it to, providing bright light to help you see. Similarly, you can buy LED light strips, which are long-lasting and energy-efficient. Just consider the kind of light you want before you buy.

Know How to Install Your Cabinet Lighting the Right Way

The process of installing under cabinet lighting varies depending on the lights you buy. Most come with instructions and require you to drill some holes in the wall to run wiring, splice the wires just right and then install a new switch box. If you have no experience installing cabinet lighting and don't have all the tools you'll need for the job, it's time to hire a professional.

In fact, it's always recommended that you consult a professional for electrical repairs and installation since this job can be dangerous for both you and your home. So if you need help installing under cabinet lighting or other electrical components in your house, contact Mister Sparky today to schedule an experienced electrician to come to your home today!