How to Find an Emergency Electrician

How to Find an Emergency Electrician
How to Find an Emergency Electrician

Dealing with an electrical emergency is terrifying. You may be overwhelmed with the urge to do something — anything — to rectify the situation. But you’re smart, and you know how dangerous it can be. It’s even more frightening when you don’t even know how to find an emergency electrician.

What Constitutes an Electrical Emergency?

First of all, do you know whether your situation is a real emergency? It may feel life-threatening, in which case you want immediate help. However, the situation may seem harmless but in truth it carries danger to you and your property.

The following may be considered electrical emergencies:

  1. If someone was shocked during the normal usage of outlets or switches in your home.

  2. When an electrical outlet begins to emit smoke.

  3. An unusually loud humming or buzzing noises from the electrical panel

  4. The sudden and inexplicable loss of electrical power

  5. Any burning smell that you can’t identify

  6. Breakers that trip repeatedly after being reset

  7. Lights that flicker continuously

  8. Water infiltration at the electrical panel

  9. An electrical fire occurred

Note that any time the emergency includes shock, injury, or immediate risk to life, your first step is to call 911. Make sure the shocked individual receives medical treatment and that any electrical fire is put out before calling an electrician.

No Time for DIY

An electrical emergency is just that — an emergency. Unless you’re a trained electrician yourself, you need to find one to address the problem. After all, you’re already rattled. Trying to start a new career under adverse circumstances is not recommended.

What Would YOU Do?

When a situation turns panicky, sometimes it helps to take a deep breath and think about how you would handle things if it weren’t an emergency. How would you normally find an electrician?

While you may not feel you have time for your usual due diligence, the methods most people recommended for finding a tradesman still work well. Even when you’re rushed.

1. Call your power company

Your electric company may have a list of approved contractors or they may not be able to provide referrals. At the very least, you’ll be able to ascertain whether your problem is an isolated incident.

If you suddenly lose power and can’t tell if it’s just your home or the entire street, the utility company can notify you of any brownouts and the estimated time to restoration.

Keep in mind that problems that stem from the main electrical supply, like downed power lines from the pole, are issues your utility company needs to resolve.

2. Look online

Rating services like Yelp and Google provide feedback from other customers that is easy to read and interpret. Make sure you specify that you need someone who provides 24/7 coverage and emergency services when you start your search.

Best of all, you’ll also find the contact information you need there, as well. And if you’re searching on your smartphone, you can connect with just the press of a button.

3. Referrals from friends

If the hour isn’t too late, you may want to call a friend or family member who lives nearby for a referral for an emergency electrician near you. While this may take a bit longer than using online reviews, you can be confident you’ll get honest answers and a concerned helper during your search.

4. Chamber of Commerce

Many communities have business associations that feature local tradespeople in many disciplines. You can be sure that any emergency electrician who is enrolled in the local chamber of commerce is exacting about their business reputation.

5. Insurance company or home warranty provider

If you have a home warranty or homeowners’ insurance, the company may have a list of preferred providers, including electricians. The advantage here is that if the repair is covered by your plan, you’re already ahead when it comes to paying the bill.

Be Prepared

While we can’t prevent every disaster that might befall us, we can prepare to survive them with grace and intelligence. Every homeowner should prepare a go-to list of contractors and repair technicians. Even those who DIY may need professional help in times of emergency.

Begin collating your list right now, using referrals from those you trust and recommendations from your insurance company to start. You can do further research by creating a short list and validating your list at your convenience. But for right now, you have a trustworthy list in case of emergencies.

For all your electrical needs, emergency or not, make an appointment today with the team at Mr. Sparky in Pleasantville. Our technicians are trained and licensed to provide you with fast and effective response to your electrical emergency.