Summer is drawing to a close, and the sun begins to set earlier. But you’re not ready to call it a day quite so soon — you want to enjoy the evenings outside while the warmth lasts. Our exterior lighting ideas and tips will give you plenty of ways to keep those dark nights at bay for just a little longer.

Exterior Lighting to the Rescue

If you’ve spent the whole summer fixing up your backyard and pampering your garden, there’s no reason that joy has to end at nightfall. Modern outdoor lighting provides safe and efficient lighting that lets you enjoy your outdoor spaces until the small hours.

Layered Lighting

Design experts suggest using interior design for inspiration when lighting outdoor gathering spots, like patios and decks. Create a layered lighting design of three tiers of lighting: overhead, head-height, and tabletops. Using all three layers will illuminate the entire space, creating a welcoming feel and driving out dark shadows.

Guided Path

For both beauty and safety, utilize path lighting. You can create a real air of mystery and adventure by linking the sitting areas and garden features with lit pathways. They tempt you to explore where they lead.

Highlight Your Hard Work

If you’re proud of your flower garden or that deck you built, don’t upstage it with exterior lighting. Architectural Digest recommends using subdued fixtures that illuminate your garden features. They recommend using simple designs that blend into the background that will highlight the beauties of nature rather than compete with them.

Quick Tips for Exterior Lighting

Take a tour around your home’s exterior and jot down where you’ll want exterior lighting.

Keep the following in mind:

  1. Where can you implement three tiers in sitting areas?
  2. Look for steps, pathways, and any potential trip hazards that need lit.
  3. Note down all entryways and gates that need lighting.
  4. Consider security lighting placement on all exterior walls.
  5. Think about outdoor chores, just as taking out the trash and walking the dog. Make sure you have adequate lighting for safety.
  6. Choose garden features to highlight, like water features, trellises, or specimen trees.
  7. Pool and spa areas should be well lit at night to prevent accidents.
  8. Does your home have architectural features to highlight?

Choosing Exterior Lighting

Lighting technology offers a host of options, from incandescent to LEDs to halogen bulbs. New updates have given LEDs a warmer color tone than in previous years, and they offer the best efficiency.

The power source is another choice to make, and low-voltage wiring offers excellent user control. However, solar power can reduce the cost of operating your exterior lighting over time.

For More Exterior Lighting Tips and Ideas

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