Do your bathroom lights need an update? Maybe they’re leftover from a different era of interior design, or maybe they just don’t provide the type of lighting you need. Often, a bathroom has a single overhead or vanity light, which may not cut it. You have a number of choices to light your bathroom, but first, you’ll have to determine the right option for you.

With our bathroom lighting tips, you’ll make your bathroom shine—safely.

What type of light should you choose for your bathroom?

To choose the right light for your bathroom, you’ll need to consider a few variables. These tips can help you narrow your focus to determine the type of light or lights that would work best for your bathroom:

  • Natural lighting. If you have a window, you might need less light than if you have no natural light.
  • Bathroom size. Small bathrooms might need just one fixture.
  • Bathroom usage. Do you need better lighting for your shower or under cabinets?
  • Customization. Perhaps you need more light for getting ready, and softer light at night.
  • Style. Take into consideration your personal style as well as if you have any décor you want to highlight.
  • Bulbs. It’s more than just wattage. Consider bright or soft, halogen or fluorescent, or even frosted to suit your needs.

What are your lighting choices?

Bathroom lighting can be separated into a few categories: task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting. Task lighting includes the lights you would need for the variety of things you do in the bathroom. Ambient lighting substitutes for natural light, often provided by one central fixture. Accent lighting can be used to draw attention to art, décor, or other features in your bathroom.

  • Vanity lighting is a top choice for homeowners. Many times, bathrooms use only vanity lighting, which illuminates a variety of bathroom tasks, for the entire room. Usually, vanity lights are a bank of multiple lights above the mirror, which you control via the same light fixture. If you choose vanity lights, be sure they have the right level of shading so they don’t hurt your eyes. In addition, evaluate the positioning of vanity lights as well. Lighting above a mirror can cast shadows on your face, making shaving or applying makeup more difficult. Therefore, you might want to choose lighting in the form of sconces on the sides of your mirror.
  • Recessed lighting can be used in a number of locations. You might consider recessed lighting in your shower or over the tub or toilet. A small recessed light can also be used as accent lighting if you have a favorite piece of décor in your bathroom.
  • Ceiling lighting can take the form of a larger recessed light, a flush-mounted light, a hanging light to disperse light, or even a glitzy chandelier if your ceiling is high enough.

Depending on the factors mentioned at the beginning of the article, you might choose a number of these lights to “layer” light in your bathroom. Evaluating the entire room, as well as how you use it, and then choosing your lights accordingly can make a huge difference in the appearance of your bathroom.

Can you install a bathroom light fixture yourself?

Your bathroom can be a damp, humid place. And as you probably know, water and electricity are a deadly combination. That’s why you’ll want to put safety first before you install any bathroom light fixture yourself.

Even if the installation job is simple, you should consult a professional electrician before you start. You’ll need to be sure you have GFCI outlets in your bathroom (if your bathroom is older, this could be an issue). Also, you’ll need to know your local codes to determine which if your fixture needs to be rated wet or shower-located; often that distance is six feet. Your local, trusted electrician can provide you this guidance.

Install Bathroom Lights Safely

If you’re looking to change or update your bathroom lighting, choosing the right lights is just one part of the equation. The second is safe installation. Once you know your aesthetic, contact the team of electricians at Mister Sparky to ensure your lighting is installed safely. The professionals at Mister Sparky can install indoor lights in your bathroom and any other room in your home. Even better, you’ll get the benefit of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can get peace of mind that your lights will be installed safely and quickly and within your budget. Contact Mister Sparky electricians to make your South Jersey bathroom brighter today.