As modern communities become increasingly high-tech, homeowners can expect more complex electrical circuitry around the house. Each electrical component has its specific purpose, sub-components, and maintenance method. By familiarizing yourself with the most common electrical terms, you can take faster and more decisive actions in remediating a problem.

When the lights suddenly go off, or when your fridge powers down, you’ll know how to describe the situation to your friendly electrical expert to get help underway without delay.

Circuit Breaker

These are switches that control the amount of electricity passing through a circuit. Rooms with more significant energy consumption usually have more than one circuit breaker to fulfill the higher demands. Home appliances with high power consumption include kitchen fixtures such as refrigerators and electric ovens. Also, homeowners should note some phantom devices that consume electricity when switched off, like computers and video game consoles.

Ground Wiring

The ground wiring provides your home with a safe place to re-channel electricity to the earth. Older circuitry may lack critical ground wiring, or the wires may be in poor condition. Either way, it is time to call up your electrical expert to get them sorted. A related vessel, known as the ground fault interrupter (GFI), monitors the current flow to a device, which helps you take the necessary precautions during an anomaly.

Wire Jacket

Wiring in your home comes covered with rubber, known as the jacket. These jackets offer protection by insulating charges while keeping wires orderly for easier inspection and maintenance. You should consider getting your wire jackets replaced if they seem worn out to eliminate the hazards in your home, especially if you have young children.


Watt/wattage refers to the amount of electrical energy used in a second within a circuit. The higher the watt/wattage, the higher the energy consumption. Therefore, your electrician may recommend low-wattage appliances and devices if you plan to reduce your overall electrical bill.


Lumen is a term used to measure the brightness of your lightbulbs. The lumen value of a lightbulb may affect its life span and electrical consumption.

Breaker Panel

Breaker panels are boxes containing circuit breakers that control the power supply in your home. When electrical draws are too high, they will trip the respective circuit breaker, resulting in an outage. The process allows homeowners to track the source of the problem swiftly and accurately.

Expert Electricians in South Jersey

While it is helpful to know these electrical terms for homeowners, electric circuits have complicated layouts. When it comes down to diagnosing and resolving an electrical problem in your home, it’s best to consult a specialist like Mister Sparky in Pleasantville.

Our certified professionals are insured, experienced, and bonded to provide the highest service and safety standards. Mister Sparky can provide you the peace of mind when it comes to powering your home, without the guesswork. Request a free quote from us today!