The sun is out, the humidity is up, and it’s gorgeous outside – but you need to keep our homes cool and comfy and our electric costs down!

  1. Your Window of Opportunity

Pardon the pun, but your windows are the number one area that you can do simple things and reap considerable benefits for energy efficiency. Light equals heat, and when the sun shines into your home, even indirectly, it causes your air conditioning to have to work harder to keep it comfortable in your home.

Window coverings and treatments that can block out heat and light during the warmest part of the day are great for energy efficiency.

  1. Realistic Expectations (Thermostat Control)

We all love to have our home sit at the perfect temperature; for some, that is a chilly 68 degrees, and for others, a toasty 78. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the closer your indoor temperature is to the outdoor one, the less your A/C must work to hit it.

Set your thermostat for a reasonable temperature that controls the humidity, though that may be a little warmer than you would love it to be.

  1. Use Your Appliances Wisely

Full loads of laundry, full dishwashers, and well-packed freezers and refrigerators have something in common. They all run more efficiently, using less energy. If your freezer is nearly empty, fill it with 2-liter bottles 3/4 full of water.

The ice that forms will help your freezer run more efficiently, and you can place those ice bottles in front of fans in your home for a chill breeze.

  1. Indoor Lighting and Appliance Heat

If you are using high-wattage bulbs indoors or light sources that put out heat, consider not using them during the day when it’s hot. It may not seem like much, but every little bit of heat your A/C doesn’t have to fight helps you pay less for energy.

  1. Clean Filters and Get Your A/C Serviced Regularly

Clean the filters on your appliances, especially your HVAC unit or A/C. Doing so will help them run without working so hard, which will save electricity and money.

Perhaps you haven’t had an HVAC company come and check out your air conditioner to make sure it’s running right. If that is the case, we suggest reaching out to a professional at least once a year to make sure that everything is in tip-top condition.

Enjoy Your Home with these Energy Efficiency Tips for the Summer

We know that your wallet isn’t bottomless, but it seems that summer’s heat is endless. Doing simple things like covering your windows and setting your thermostat up a few degrees can help you beat the heat and still enjoy your summer.

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