If your smoke detector is chirping when there is no fire or smoke, you’re probably concerned about two things. The first is whether the smoke detector is working properly and if it will warn you in the event of a real fire. The second is that if it is chirping at inconvenient hours of the day, you’re probably annoyed at interrupted sleep or aggravated pets or children. Here are a few reasons that could cause a smoke detector to beep:

Batteries Need Replacing
If your smoke alarm is beeping regularly, it may mean that the batteries need to be replaced. Even though most smoke alarms are hardwired to the house, the batteries are there in case of power outage and the alarm will usually alert you if they are dead or dying. The batteries in a smoke alarm should be replaced every six months and they should not be rechargeable batteries.

Dust and Debris
Dust, spider webs, dead insects or other debris covering your smoke alarm will often cause it to beep because this interferes with the detector’s ability to sense a fire. If the spider web is visible, it is best to knock it down with a broom or similar object to keep a potentially dangerous spider from landing on you. Otherwise, using a vacuum or duster can remove the debris.

Temperature Fluctuations
Sometimes severe temperature fluctuations in the house can make a smoke alarm beep intermittently. Usually this has to do with the thermostat being set too high or too low. However, it can also be the result of high heat cooking or hot air from a shower being let out into where the smoke alarm sits.

The Alarm Needs To Be Replaced
Another reason for your smoke alarm to beep is that it’s no longer functional. A smoke alarm is usually manufactured to last about ten years and if, upon checking the manufacturer date, you find this has passed, the smoke alarm will need to be replaced. 

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