If you think you’re safe having valuable electronics plugged into wall outlets or power strips, think again. A single power surge could result in fried circuits and blown fuses, rendering your valuable electronics worthless. Worst case, a power surge may even cause a house fire. To keep your home and valuables safe, it’s important to learn about power surges and how power surge protection helps.

Here are a few reasons why every home needs power surge protection.

Increase Device Longevity

Essentially, a power surge is a spike in your home’s electrical current. Since frequently occurring, internal power surges don’t leave any obvious evidence, they could be occurring hundreds of times a day without you even noticing. Eventually, these surges build up inside electrical components, shortening the lifespan of your device. Surge protection will help guard your valuable electronics against insidious, small power surges.

Protection After a Power Outage

Power surges occur when the flow of electricity to a device is disrupted or when something sends electricity back into a device. This means a power surge can occur after a widespread power outage. Surge protection can keep your electronics and appliances running smoothly once the power is back.

Help Keep Your Home Safe

Surges affect more than your devices. Repeated power surges can damage the electrical wiring inside your walls, resulting long lasting outages or even fire. A licensed electrician can assess your entire home for vulnerabilities and make sure your home is safeguarded against internal and external power surges.

Small Price to Pay for Peace of Mind

Fortunately, surge protectors provide a simple solution. While it might look like a common power strip, surge protectors actually have mechanisms to divert any excess energy to a protective element inside the surge protector, thereby protecting circuits and fuses from the effects of surges.

Protect Your Home From Power Surges

If you’re looking for comprehensive protection against power surges, but aren’t sure where to start, call Mister Sparky® of Clearwater! Our experienced electricians will assess the needs of your individual electronics and appliances to help you get the best protection for your home and valuables. Call today.