It happens when you least expect it. You start using your hairdryer or microwave and suddenly something happens. There is a faint flicker of light or the room subtly dims. This slight change, while a little unsettling, is a pretty common phenomenon, especially in older homes. While it might not be anything to worry about, dimming or flickering lights could signal an electrical problem in your home. Learn what could be causing your lights to dim and discover the best solutions for your problem.

Overloading Circuits
Do your lights dim every time you run your blender, fan, or microwave? Chances are the electrical appliance is on the same circuit as your lights. You may be simply putting too much strain on the circuit, causing it to overload. This generally happens in older homes with outdated circuits.

Many older homes simply cannot match the electrical demands of modern-day. All of our appliances are too much for old wiring to handle. While this is not typically dangerous, it can be inconvenient. To fix this problem, you will need an electrician to come in and update your system.

Corroded Neutral Wire
Dimming lights aren’t exclusive to older homes. Sometimes it can be the sign of a very serious problem that can happen regardless of your home’s age.

The neutral wire is the white wire inside your circuit breaker. It is responsible for providing a return path to complete the circuit. If this wire is damaged, the circuit is broken, causing an imbalance in the rest of your system. This leaves you with either too much or too little electricity, causing lights to brighten or dim. A damaged neutral wire is a major problem that may lead to electrical fires. If you believe there is something wrong with your neutral wire, contact an electrician at once.

Call an Electrician You Can Trust
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