Believe it or not, it does matter which way a ceiling fan rotates. According to EnergyStar, a fan should rotate counterclockwise in the summer and clockwise in the winter. The direction should be in relation to a person standing or lying directly under the fan. This means it is well worth it for a homeowner to buy a ceiling fan with a reverse switch and a switch to control the speed.

Cooling With Aerodynamics

Ceiling fans don’t change the air temperature, but the way the blades spin can appear to make the air cooler or warmer. When a fan rotates counterclockwise, the blades push the air straight down, which makes it feel cooler against the skin. So in the summer, the fan should rotate counterclockwise, at a high speed for maximum cooling.

Fans Circulate Warm Air

Conversely, in the winter the fan should spin clockwise. Since warmer air rises, it will eventually concentrate on the ceiling. The blades of the fan draw up the cooler air in the room, and mix it with this warm air, thereby circulating the air. The fan should also rotate at a low speed to reduce the wind chill.

Adjust the Blade Rotation Accordingly

Seasonal ceiling fan rotation switches do not always apply. A homeowner might run a fan clockwise in the summer to keep it from prematurely cooling food if it’s located directly above the dining room or kitchen table. Some people don’t like the rush of air blowing on them, so they might run a fan clockwise all year. If a room is very large and can accommodate more than one fan, a homeowner may experiment with fans blowing in different directions and at different speeds until the room temperature feels just right.

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