When you come home and switch on the lights or plug your smartphone into the charger, do you ever wonder where the electricity comes from? Unless you’re living off the grid, you rely on electricity every day. But where does the electricity come from? Find out here.

Different Energy Sources, Same Goal

Where your home receives its electricity from depends on where you live. Ultimately, there are multiple plants that produce power, so while you may buy power through one company, chances are that company looks to multiple power plants to supply customers. This means that your electricity could be coming from a natural gas plant at breakfast, a nuclear plant at lunch and a coal-burning plant at dinner. While there are lots of different energy sources, they all have the same goal in mind: supplying energy.

What are the Different Types of Energy?

Speaking of where your electricity comes from, there are numerous types of energy sources out there beyond natural gas, nuclear and coal burning. While some may be better than others, here are just a few of the many types of energy sources from which you may be getting your electricity:

– Gas
– Oil
– Nuclear
– Wood
– Hydro
– Coal
– Wind
– Steam
– Solar
– Landfill Gas

Renewable Energy and Nonrenewable Energy

While it may seem convenient to have so many different energy sources, not all energy sources are created equal, especially nonrenewable and renewable. Renewable energy is obtained from natural sources. Natural sources include the sun, wind and water. Nonrenewable sources on the other hand are typically easier produce but once they are depleted, they can never be replaced. You can read Different Types of Energy Sources to learn more.

For All of Your Electrical Needs, Trust Mister Sparky

Ultimately, where your home’s electricity comes from depends on where you live and which supplier you work with. As a homeowner in the Tampa Bay or Louisville area, it’s important to have a reliable electrician to turn to whenever your home is in need of electrical help. Whether you need a repair or another service, the professionals at Mister Sparky® of Clearwater can help. Give us a call today to learn more or schedule a service appointment online at your convenience.