In the face of disaster, generators provide the necessary power to keep homes and businesses afloat when electricity lines go down. Coastal states like Florida know the full value of a functioning generator once hurricanes halt the electricity for days or even weeks.

From personal generators, to massive commercial back ups designed to power entire towns, here are a few of the times generators came to the rescue.

1. It’s no surprise to Floridians that more gas stations will have generators on hand to stay open in the event of a major storm.

2. Generators were a hot commodity during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

3. And in hospitals, generators truly do save lives.

4. On a larger scale, generators provide power to floating fortresses, like these ships.

5. Across the globe, innovators are designing generators that will help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

6. Just check out this bicycle generator, for instance.

Still, there are many cases where generators malfunctioned and caused a lot of damage. Make sure you get the best possible electrical service, with generators or any other major electrical issue, by contacting Mister Sparky.