While some common electrical issues require minimal technical know-how, there are several that warrant a call to an electrician. Keep reading to learn the top scenarios that will require an expert’s attention:

  • Flickering Lights – If appliances cause lights to flicker or dim, the circuits might be to blame. Certain devices draw lots of current and actually need dedicated circuits. A certified electrician can balance the load so all devices work harmoniously.
  • Older Home – Homes older than a few decades can have inadequate, or even hazardous, electrical systems. To protect your home and family, contact an electrician to bring your older home up to code.
  • Moving – Relocating brings a whole new set of obstacles, not to mention ensuring the efficiency and safety of the new home, and the old one. The planning phase of a movie provides an ideal time to contact an electrician to take care of any latent issues, such as faulty outlets or fixtures. Prior to moving, qualified electrical experts should also perform an inspection of the new home to find and fix any safety concerns.
  • Dead Outlets – If you have an outlet that simply does not work, call an electrician. This could pose a safety hazard. The outlet either needs to have its functionality restored, or an electrician can remove it entirely.
  • Dead Appliances – Similarly, if you notice certain appliances or charging cables stop working when consistently used on the same outlet, the problem might lie with the outlet itself, or a bad neutral connection.

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