The power can go out in your home for a wide range of reasons, and when it does, you will not have access to electricity in some or all areas of your home. In some cases, the electricity will come back on on its own, but in other cases, you may need to call an electrician to your home for professional repair service. It is important to understand what to do when your power goes out so that you can restore power in your home quickly.

Determine the Cause of the Outage

First, you should determine if the power is out in all areas of your home or in a localized area, such as the kitchen or the entire upstairs. If the power is out throughout your home, you can then consider if power is also out in your neighbors’ homes. At night, you simply have to look down the street to determine this. If you see pitch black down the street, there is a good likelihood that your entire neighborhood may be without power, and you may need to contact the power company for assistance.

Check the Extent of the Outage

If the power outage is localized to your home, call your licensed electrician to see if there are issues with your account or with service. In many cases, a localized power outage to your home can be remedied by simply flipping the circuits off and then on again a few minutes later. You can also look at the box to determine if one or more fuses have blown and need replacing.

Call a Professional at Mister Sparky for Assistance

If the power is out to only your home, you have paid your electricity bill and the circuit breaker appears to be functional, it is time to contact an electrician. There are many things that can happen to cause a localized power outage to your home, and an electrician can diagnose and repair the issue for you.

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