Many homes built in the 1960s through the mid-1970s have aluminum wiring throughout. All homeowners should be aware of the implications of such wiring and should have a professional electrician evaluate any aluminum wiring in the home.

Aluminum wiring first came into use as a less-expensive alternative to copper wiring, and was originally deemed safe for the purpose.

As time went on, however, aluminum wiring was identified as the reason behind many house fires, though experts point out that it is not simply the existence of aluminum wiring in the home but the improper installation of the wiring.

After a lengthy investigation of aluminum wiring connections at outlets within private homes, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission concluded that such connections are 55 times more likely to create a fire hazard than homes with copper wiring.

It’s important to note that older homes with aluminum wiring are not necessarily safe just because they have not yet caught fire; they are in fact at greater risk due to the buildup of oxidation on the wires over time.

According to industry experts, while a homeowner may be able to identify the presence of aluminum wiring, remediation of the problem is best left to professionals.

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