When you need a quick electrical fix, you might be tempted to save some money and tackle the repair yourself. While it’s fantastic that consumers have the resources at hand to conquer minor electrical issues, unfortunately the true costs of DIY electrical repairs often outweigh the savings.

Here are the top dangers of DIY electrical repairs:

Fire and Shock

It might sound scary, but without the expertise of a qualified electrician, you run the risk of putting your family in serious danger. According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), in 2013, 335 people died in residential fires that were the result of electrical malfunctions. Today’s building standards and codes help to keep that number low. The National Electrical Code, or NEC, ensures the safety and efficiency of electrical work in your home. Safety should be your highest priority in any home repair, and a qualified electrician has the expertise to complete a project in compliance with the NEC, plus any additional local code requirements you might not know about.

Code Violation

It is important to play by the rules, right? This carries over into electrical work, as well. An electrical code violation could also cost you when it comes to re-selling your home. Even a minor wiring mistake could lead to a failed electrical inspection. Avoid the hassle and worry of improper and unsafe electrical work by hiring licensed electrician to handle your electrical needs at the beginning of your project, instead of paying the price later.

Call a Professional to Avoid DIY Dangers

When you are faced with a new electrical project, carefully consider whether a DIY job is the right way to go. Without the proper licensing and expertise, you could find yourself in a dangerous situation. Remember, when it comes to your safety, there is nothing wrong with asking for a little help!

For projects big and small, Mister Sparky is here for you! Our team of experienced electricians always complies with the National Electrical Code to make sure your home’s electrical system is operating safely and properly. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online today.