Ceiling fans are truly things of glory: energy efficient, breezy and cool. Many people consider them an absolute necessity in the living room or bedroom. But what about on the patio? If you’re wondering whether or not you should install an outdoor ceiling fan, the short answer is almost always a resounding yes.

A Summer Breeze You Can Control

On hot, windless summer nights, you and your guests will be thankful to have the light breeze a good outdoor ceiling fan can provide with the flip of a switch or the pull of a string. Assuming you select a multi-speed fan, you can decide just how soft or how strong that breeze will blow. Comfort control in the great outdoors … what more could a person ask for?

Speaking of control, many outdoor ceiling fans come complete with the same handheld remotes featured with many indoor models.

Subtle Yet Stylish

Though they can definitely add a lot to any home decor or theme, a ceiling fan is a fairly subtle way to update things. You don’t need the flashiest, jazziest model; you can work within your budget to find something that will both get the job done and blend in nicely. On the other hand, if money is no object and you do want to make your fan the focal point of your space, you can easily do that, too. You should have no trouble finding many unique and varied styles that are sure to stand out for their design, their price point, or both.

Know Your Ceiling Fans

While all ceiling fans are amazing inventions of humanity, they are not all created to be equal. Ceiling fans meant for outdoor use must be rated for outdoor use to ensure they will hold up to the abuses of rain, heat, cold, and ironically, wind. Take care to choose an appropriate Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) damp or wet rating depending on your climate.

Weather-resistant materials and styles available range from wicker to treated wood or brushed nickel, and everything in between. Beyond the wide variety of materials, outdoor ceiling fans also come in a variety of sizes. It is recommended you measure the space you would like to comfort control and check these measurements against model specifications before you make a purchase.

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