One question you may have when looking to buy a home is whether or not it is safe to buy a house near power lines. Older more established neighborhoods may have many power and phone lines overhead on wooden poles to bring services to homes. These are often buried in newer communities, but this may require larger towers or stations bordering home sites. Consumers often wonder, “Are there health or safety risks associated with power lines? How will they affect the home’s value?”

Health Risks

Since the late 1970s, there has been debate on whether exposure to Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation from high-voltage lines can cause cancer. There has been extensive study and the results are inconclusive with proponents on both sides. However, many cities create easements around large towers preventing the building of permanent structures within an unsafe distance from this type of transmission line.

Safety Risks

Electrocution and fire are potential hazards of living near power lines. Trees should be pruned well back from high-voltage lines and your local power company should be consulted before new ones are planted. Treehouses, flagpoles and similar structures are also a concern. During storms with high winds, nearby branches and other objects may become electrified if they make contact with these lines or bring them down. Downed lines may cause electrocution or fire.

Property Values

Potential buyers should also be aware that visible high-voltage lines, especially ones directly adjacent to the home site, may lower the property value because of concerns over health and safety. This may affect your choices when purchasing homeowners insurance or determining resale value.

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