There are few things more annoying than when an outlet dies in your home. Fortunately, testing an electrical outlet is something you can do yourself with a few easy steps and some DIY magic. For this tutorial, all you’ll need is a voltage tester. This inexpensive appliance can help you easily test the outlet to determine if it is live or not.

Test an Electrical Outlet in Three Easy Steps

1. Locate a Live Electrical Outlet

To test an electrical outlet with a voltage tester, you need to find an electrical outlet that you know is live. To do so, locate an outlet that is already powering an appliance.

2. Test Your Voltage Tester on the Live Electrical Outlet

Once you’ve located a live electrical outlet, test your voltage tester in both openings of the live outlet. Each voltage tester will differ, but it should flash or beep if the current is live.

3. Test the Electrical Outlet

Once you’ve tested the voltage tester on the live outlet, test the other electrical outlet by placing the end of the voltage tester in the slots of the outlet. If the voltage tester flashes or beeps, then the outlet is live.

Troubleshooting an Electrical Outlet

Determining whether or not the electrical outlet is dead is the first step when troubleshooting the possible causes. Many things can cause an electrical outlet to lose power, and fortunately, most are easy fixes. If you do find that the electrical outlet is no longer live, you can try the following DIY fixes:

  • Turn the main breaker off and on again
  • Check the GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupter)
  • Inspect the man breaker for a bad connection

Call the Professionals at Mister Sparky

While this testing an electrical outlet is something you can easily perform yourself, always remember that working with live electrical current can be extremely dangerous. The only way to ensure your safety is by calling a team of professional electricians who are trained and certified to working with electrical systems. At Mister Sparky, we offer quality electrical repairs and help ensure that your home’s electrical system is functioning at its optimal level. We take the stress and danger out of electrical pairs for you.

Learn more about the electrical services we offer, or contact a friendly team member to schedule a repair today.