One of the more common goals shared by most homeowners relates to finding ways to reduce energy consumption and to save money. Heating and cooling the home, running appliances and lighting have a big impact on home energy usage. Saving money on utility bills often means making adjustments to how you use energy. If you are looking for easy ways to curb energy consumption, home occupancy sensors can help.

What Are Occupancy Sensors?

Occupancy sensors will detect if there is movement in a room, and the sensors will automatically turn lights on or off based on movement. This can be a true convenience when you walk into a room and lights automatically turn on. Most importantly, sensors will save you money by turning off lights in empty rooms. Everyone walks out of a room and occasionally forgets to turn off the lights, and sensors provide an easy solution for this.

Where to Install Them

Occupancy sensors can be used to save money in almost every room in the room. They may be particularly effective at saving money in rooms that you do not spend a lot of time in, such as closets and the garage. When you forget to turn lights off in these rooms, it may be several hours or more until you discover that you have been paying money to light up an empty space. They can also be used in many other rooms, including bedrooms and living rooms.

Lighting to Use With Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors can be used to help you save money on lighting throughout the house, and they can be used effectively with all types of lighting. However, compact fluorescent lights have a reduced life span when they are turned off and on frequently. This means that you will need to replace them more frequently if they are turned off and on than if they are left on for a little longer. This is not the case with LED lights. The lifespan of LED lights is not impacted by how frequently they are switched on and off. With this in mind, it is best to use an occupancy sensor with LED lights.

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