Choosing a ceiling fan with built-in lighting for a high-traffic space such as a living room can be a daunting task, especially with all the options and styles that are available these days. There are a host of things to consider, from the size of the blades in comparison to the room, the design of the intended space, the energy efficiency of the fan, and how much light the fan will put off. So with all these choices, how do you know which type of ceiling fan is best for your living room space?

Determine the Size Your Need

First, you need to know what size fan will best fit your ceiling. In a room that averages 4mX4m, a fan with 1300mm blade size is ideal. For rooms 5Mx5M or larger, opt for a fan with a blade size of 1400mm. What type of ceiling do you have? Do you need a ceiling fan for a low ceiling, a standard 8ft. ceiling, or for a high or sloped ceiling? Regardless of your needs, there is a fan with built-in lighting to accommodate every room.

Select the Right Material

Another important consideration when trying to incorporate a new fan into the style of your room is the type and quality of materials used to construct the fan. Generally, ceiling fan blades are made of timber or metal, but some are built from new plastics. When décor is more relevant to your decision than air flow, a fan with timber blades would suffice, as they typically have a lower air pitch of 10-13 degrees. For warmer climates, you might be better to choose a fan whose blades are metal or plastic, since they will be more efficient in keeping your living room cool. These fans have a higher air pitch ranging anywhere between 18-32.

Choose a Complementary Style

Not all fans come with built-in lighting, but those that do are typically purchased with the intention of being the room’s main source of light. Because of this, it is important to buy a fan with lighting made of quality materials that will provide enough light for your needs, and match the overall design of the room. No matter how your living room is decorated, there is a ceiling fan with built-in lighting that will be the perfect finishing touch. Choose between a vast array of style choices, such as modern and contemporary, rustic, fancy and Victorian styles, energy efficient, dual- and single-head fans, and even chandelier fans.

Consult Mister Sparky When Deciding on a New Ceiling Fan

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