There are lots of ways we get the energy used to power our modern conveniences, including solar energy. Put simply, solar energy is the conversion of sunlight into electricityand the revolutionary process is changing the world in more ways than one. You can increase your knowledge with these seven informative and interesting links about solar energy.

1. How much do you know about solar energy? Learn more about solar energy here, from the experts at Greenough River Solar Farm.

2. Solar, wind, hydropower… There are so many types of energy sources. 

3. Did you know? By investing $1 million in the solar power energy industry could create twice as many jobs as investing the same amount in coal.

4. Every wonder how solar panels work? This simple animated short explains.

5. In the news: New solar energy incentives are being sought by a New Jersey lawmaker.

6. An Arkansas firm is providing solar energy for an Oklahoma co-op.

7. A funny cartoon about solar energy.

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