Your electrical meter (also know as a Watt-hour meter) is an important instrument in measuring the amount of electricity being used inside your home. They are used to determine how much electricity is being used in the house so the electrical company can bill you every month.

While many homeowners know what their electricity meter is, they don’t know how it works or how their electricity meter work. This can be a problem, especially when you’re trying to monitor or limit your electricity consumption every month.

How Your Electricity Meter Works

So how exactly does your meter know how much electricity you are using every month? Well it works by monitoring the actually electricity that flows into your house.

As your home brings in electricity, the current moves through power line running through your electric meter. Inside the meter, there is a set of small gears. The electrical current moves these gears. The amount of times these gears move is recording on the dials on the electrical meter. The more energy used, the faster these gears turn.

How to Read Your Meter

The unit of measurement used to measure electricity is known as Watts. One thousand Watts equal one Kilowatt. Your electric bill measures your electricity use by how many kilowatts you use in an hour (kWh).

Most electric meters consist of five or six dials row on six dials. If there are six dials, you can ignore the one of the far right. Read them by going from left to right. If the pointer is in between two numbers, you will go with the lower number. You put the first five numbers together and this is your kWh for the month. Many people like to monitor their meter on a monthly or weekly basis to make sure they are not wasting electricity.

Make Sure Your Not Wasting Electricity

There is nothing worse than learning you’ve been overpaying for you electric bill. Monitoring your meter will help you become more aware of the electricity you use on a daily basis and help you cut down electrical cost.

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