Homeowners spend time and money protecting expensive electrical equipment. Far too many people have experienced the unfortunate situation of discovering that their television or cell phone has been destroyed. Surge protection can actually help ensure valuable home appliances and electronics will continue to work for years to come.

Many do not know these five important facts about surge protection:

  • A surge of electricity can occur at random, and the American Electrical Corporation states that items such as refrigerators, treadmills and air conditioners can cause an electrical surge throughout the house.
  • The American Electrical Corporation states that not all surge protectors are the same, and a more expensive surge protector may not be a better product.
  • Surge protectors cannot do much when it comes to unsafe electrical wiring, and it’s important that a professional company such as Mister Sparky is called in to examine the situation.
  • According to the American Electrical Corporation, of all the states, Florida experiences the greatest number of power surges from lightning strikes.
  • Most modern devices operate at a low electrical voltage, and the American Electrical Corporation states that today’s devices are more susceptible to malfunctioning due to even a small surge of electricity.

Homeowners should invest in surge protection and consult with professionals who can make the necessary installations. Contact Mister Sparky today.