Everyone should know not to operate electronic devices in the presence of water, but some lack comprehensive electrical knowledge or simply assume they know all the risks. Since electricity permeates every aspect of our lives, it’s important to acknowledge and protect our homes and family against any possible hazards. Here are a few you might not know:

Remember, water is an electrical conductor; despite any instinct to douse a fire in water, never use water to extinguish an electrical fire.

Many homeowners do not realize the electrical hazards that lurk under the grass in their backyards and lawns. Many falsely assume above and below ground power lines have the proper insulation.

Additionally, many do not realize the electrical dangers can come from even seemingly “harmless” current levels; even 110–120 volts can be deadly.

Driving over power cords can damage them, making the cord susceptible to short circuits and creating a shock hazard.

Although definitive evidence has yet to surface, exposure to electromagnetic fields might cause certain ailments in immunosuppressed individuals, infants and the elderly.

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