“Fire! Fire!” These words can startle anyone. Despite the sense of urgency fires provoke, there are different types of fires with varying degrees of severity. Many residential fires actually happen as a result of an electrical malfunction. However, some individuals still do not fully understand or comprehend how electrical fires can still occur, despite modern-day preventive measures. Read on to help put electrical fire myths to rest:

“Electrical fires can be easily extinguished.” This is false; these fires need extra attention.

Turning off an outlet will stop an electrical fire.” Not true. Electrical fires can easily spread.

“You can rest easy once an electrical fire goes out.” False. You should have your home inspected by an electrician after an electrical fire.

“You cannot predict an electrical fire.” Not true. You can determine risk with a quick consultation with a certified electrician.

“Electrical fires usually happen in the open.” Actually, electrical fires often happen behind the walls were unseen damage to wires can occur. Make sure you call Mister Sparky® of Clearwater for a home inspection.