You might think that you cannot go without an electrical inspection, but you should keep in mind that this puts your family and home at risk. Electrical problems increase your risks of a fires and electrical system failure. Check out a few simple signs that indicate you need an electrical inspection today.

Tripped Breakers

One of the more common signs that you need an inspection is when you find yourself frequently tripping the circuit breakers in your home. If you home relies on a fuse box, you may find yourself replacing fuses more often than you would like. This often occurs because you overloaded the system or because the electrical system cannot keep up with the demands of your home and family.

Smoky Smell

You cannot ignore the scent of burning that lingers inside your home. While the smoke may not be intense enough to set off your smoke detectors, you may find that the scent tends to smell the strongest around specific outlets in your home. That smell often signifies that your electrical wiring needs repair. A smoky scent can indicate that the wiring got too hot. Though it doesn’t necessarily mean that there was a fire in your home, it does show that you have an increased risk of an electrical fire.

Heat in Unusual Places

Though you expect to feel heat coming through your vents, you do not expect to feel heat coming from your outlets or your light fixtures. A small amount of heat is common after keeping the lights on for several hours, but the presence of heat after long periods of inactivity can signify an electrical issue that requires repair.

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