The way a room is lit can really set the mood for a gathering or party. To plan the perfect mood lighting, think about the party space and come up with a creative way to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary decorative lighting.

1. For outdoor parties, it’s easy to upcycle a tin can from your recycle bin into a rustic DIY lantern. Check out this tutorial for instructions.

2. Another aesthetically pleasing, yet rustic, outdoor lighting option are mason jar lanterns.

3. If you are handy with your hands, grab some square paper and fold your own origami Christmas light covers.

4. For a more complex DIY project, check out this collection of upcycled chandelier inspiration.

5. For colored lighting, you can make all sorts of unique combinations by using the right kind of paint.

6. If you already have dangling lights in your home, making your own custom shade can be all the aesthetic you need. Watch this video to find out how to do it yourself.

7. If you don’t feel like forking over a bunch of cash for trendy lit-up letters, you can make your own! Instructables has a great step-by-step guide.

8. Sometimes, instead of a decorative lighting change, a home just needs the right bulbs and type of lights for the space. To determine what suits your home, check out what the experts at Mister Sparky® of Clearwater have to say.