Generators are one of the most common ways for consumers to power their homes and businesses when the local electrical grid cannot.

Let’s examine some common misconceptions about generators to expand your knowledge about them. This can help you take advantage of all the things generators can offer.

1. While most people understand generators can be powered by non-renewable sources like gasoline, they can also be powered by renewable energy sources like wind and solar power.

2. Generator power is dependable enough to be used in hospitals.

3. Generators cannot sit idly for months or years at a time; generators require maintenance to run properly and reliably.

4. Power plants utilize generators similar to those used in residential and business applications, but on a much larger scale.

5. Generators can create electricity without a connection to the local power grid.

6. Most power redundancy plans require one or more generators that are not used during normal operations as a backup energy source.

While generators can be incredibly useful to businesses and homeowners, they require the touch of a knowledgeable expert to provide reliable and safe energy generation. Contact Mister Sparky® of Clearwater to let us diagnose, maintain and install all the electrical upgrades using our knowledge and expertise.