With cooler temperatures and autumn festivities, the fall season welcomes a variety of outdoor activities. Additionally, as we move into winter, many homeowners will start to decorate their homes with electric lighting to celebrate the holidays. The crisp fall air provides a pleasant excuse to work outside, and perhaps even complete some outdoor electrical work. As such, we want to remind everyone of a few outdoor safety tips:

Keep Dry Leaves Away From Outdoor Lighting

Although southern states do not always get the falling leaves like up north, any dry plant debris can create excellent fodder for a fire should a spark come from an outdoor electrical appliance or light fixture. Sweep up dead leaves and other dry brush to keep the lawn clean and tidy, and to avoid a potential fire hazard.

Check Appliance Cords for Wear

If you have not used certain outdoor power tools in several months, check the cords for exposed wiring or any other wear and tear. Again, worn and broken wiring can cause electrical shock and poses a fire hazard. Remove and replace any parts, including cords, as necessary.

Locate and Avoid Electric Meters and Wiring

Before doing any extensive yard work, locate any meters or electrical wiring around the home’s exterior. Besides affecting the flow of electricity into the home, accidentally digging up and snapping a power company wire is dangerous and considered illegal.

Be Careful With Ladders and Metal Objects

Ladders made out of aluminum serve as excellent electrical conductors. If painting, make sure that nothing, including you, your ladder, your paintbrush or roller, touches the power line supplying electricity to your home. The rules apply to antennas, metal gutters and other long metal objects.

Safely Store Extension Cords After Use

Extension cords are not meant to remain outside for extended periods of time. Squirrels and other animals can chew through the wires, destroying the power cord and creating an electrical hazard. After using, wrap up extension cords and store in a safe, dry area.

Contact Mister Sparky for Electrical Maintenance

This fall season, whether you need electrical service or just a checkup, Mister Sparky® of Clearwater has it covered. Simply contact us online, or give us a call today!