When it comes to home repairs, many of us enlist the help of a trusty Google search and a little do-it-yourself magic to get the job done. But while this may be fine for, say, unclogging a drain, electrical work is a whole other playing field. Doing your own electrical work instead of calling upon the help of a professional poses certain risks. If you’re considering doing your own electrical work, here are three reasons you might want to call a professional instead.

You Could Injure Yourself

There is a sense of satisfaction in completing home tasks by yourself, but when these tasks involve electricity, things can get risky. When working with any sort of electrical system, you can never be too cautious, even if you’re a professional electrician. The electrical system in your home is intricate and if you’re going to safely perform any electrical work, you need to know your system inside and out. If you don’t, you’re almost guaranteed to garner some type of injury. Electrical shocks, for example, pose a big risk to people and can be easily acquired by frayed, overheated or exposed wires.

You Could Damage Your Home

Besides posing a risk to your personal health, performing your own electrical work poses a risk to your home. You could easily cause a short circuit or start a house fire if you don’t know what you’re doing. Ultimately, you could be left with a worsened electrical issue, property damage and a headache if you opt to do the electrical work yourself.

You Have to Follow Code Compliance

In order to do any sort of electrical work, you have to get a permit and familiarize yourself with the electrical codes in your location. From here, you’ll have to make sure that any electrical work you do can pass an inspection. If it doesn’t pass the inspection, you’ll need to redo any work that isn’t up to code. Between familiarizing yourself with the electrical codes and running the risk of having to redo work, you’re likely better off calling a professional electrician in the first place.

Let Mister Sparky Get the Job Done Right

It’s undoubtedly tempting to try and save money by doing your own electrical work, but it can cost you more of your valuable time and money in the long run. If you’re in need of any electrical work, contact the professionals at Mister Sparky® of Clearwater instead. Our trained technicians offer a variety of electrical services at an economical price. Even better, we offer same-day service so you can get back to the things that matter. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, contact us today.