As a home or business owner, chances are, saving money is important to you… and it’s no surprise. After all, the average homeowner spends more than $100 per month on electricity bills in the United States. Fortunately, pinching pennies here and there could be as easy as swapping out your current light bulbs for more efficient ones. Learn three of the most efficient light bulb options that can help save you money below.

1. Halogen Incandescent Light Bulbs

Although halogen incandescent light bulbs aren’t the most efficient light bulb on the market, they do meet the federal minimum energy efficiency standard and can help garner energy savings. These bulbs are popular thanks to their low cost and design (halogen incandescent come in a range of shapes and colors). Although these light bulbs meet the federal minimum energy efficiency standard, they aren’t as efficient as other options, so consider investing in CFLs and LEDs. You can learn more about these options below.

2. CFLs

CFL stands for compact fluorescent light bulb. These light bulbs are one of the most efficient light bulbs you can purchase for your home, business or other space. Even better, compact fluorescent light bulbs have a lifespan of eight to 10 years, making them a great investment, considering they only cost around $4 per light bulb! One of the only downsides to compact fluorescent light bulbs is that they contain mercury, which is considered dangerous and can make disposing the light bulbs difficult.

3. LEDs

When it comes to long-lasting, high-efficiency light bulbs, LEDs are king. Short for light-emitting diode, these light bulbs consume minimal energy by using semiconductors that convert electricity to light. In doing so, LED light bulbs use only about 20 percent of the energy that it takes to power a traditional light bulb. Although LED light bulbs tout higher prices than other options (a standard LED light bulb will run you about $35), but despite the high price, these bulbs are worth it considering their lifespan. Amazingly, LED light bulbs can last for up to 50 years! Another added benefit of LED light bulbs is their makeup. They don’t contain any mercury or lead, which make them an eco-friendly option.

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