As October begins and the air begins to pick up a little chill, spooks of all ages start to think about the fun of Halloween. Here are 10 lighting ideas for Halloween to spark your creativity.

1. These would be so easy to make, so try a little DIY eyeball lighting.

2. Black lights give a spooky glow to Halloween decorations.

3. If you want to use some torches in your display but don’t want to play with fire here is a tutorial on making an electrical tiki torch.

4. Halloween lighting mixes well with fog machines to give a super spooky atmosphere.

5. If you are really ambitious try a light show like this one. It would make even the most discerning techno pop ghost proud.

6. Let’s move inside your house for a minute. How about adding a little Halloween glamour to your chandelier.

7. With a garage door as a blank canvas you could try these silhouette monsters.

8. You could find many places for this giant spiderweb in your yard.

9. What Halloween lighting list would be complete without a jack-o-lantern?

10, Last, but definitely not least, let’s do the timewarp with this lighting genius.

If you need outside electrical access, or if you want to make sure that your electrical system is in top shape before you prepare your Halloween display, give Mister Sparky® of Clearwater a call.