It’s true, the best ideas come in the times of the biggest stress. And a wedding is a very, very big source of stress, what with the planning of food, the endless guest invitations, and, of course… the lighting! To help you plan your big day, we have collected a few inspired lighting ideas. Perhaps you’ll even find one that you can use yourself, or at least pass on to a friend in dire need of assistance.

1. How about some Dixie cup lights?

2. Or maybe you have some extra yarn laying around?

3. Add a column of paper lanterns.

4. Having a wedding outside? Make glowing signs!

5. Glowing flowers. What more can you ask for?

6. Even table cards can make a design statement with the right light.

7. How about wedding lighting and a way to use old soda or beer bottles?

8. Use a glow stick to simulate glowing cotton candy.

9. Check out these magical LED glow strips.

10. These are perfect to hang from the ceiling.

And, in case these ten projects didn’t satisfy you, here are some more.