Is Your House Properly Grounded?

Having your house grounded is an essential safety measure that you need to keep in mind. Electrical grounding is the process of connecting electrical connections to the earth itself, i.e. to a ground.

For a house to be properly grounded, it must have a physical connection between all of the home’s electrical components and the ground. All major electricity consuming devices and appliances usually have a round third prong in their switches. When a house is properly grounded, this connection provides a safe pathway for any excess or misdirected electrical current. It is a safety measure put in switches of heavy appliances nowadays to prevent any harmful electric shocks and potential fires.

But unfortunately, many houses in North Charleston, SC don’t have a three prong electrical socket or at least don’t have enough three prong switches in their houses. In such cases, people usually use a three prong adapter/ converter to fit into two prong electrical sockets. Although a convenience, and a cost-effective solution, this isn’t the safest way to use appliances. Since there will be no ground connection established, in cases of electrical surges, an electrical shock is likely to happen. If you use an adapter to fix three prong switches into a two prong socket often, it is highly important to get the services of electricians in North Charleston, SC and upgrade your electric switches to safer versions.

Common Electrical Grounding Issues:

Electrical grounding problems are most common in large cities and suburban areas. This is particularly because the locations that are more densely populated have a higher demand of electricity, which leads to an increase in electrical problems. Electricians in North Charleston, SC are constantly tackling the cases of improper grounding, and the arising problems that occur from it.

For example, when conduit or metal pipes come in contact with exposed wires, a fatal electric shock can hit anyone who touches them. Because of this reason, it is highly essential to get the services of electricians in North Charleston, SC to ensure that the electrical system of your house is safe and properly grounded.

The Risks of Improper Grounding:

A house that is not grounded or is grounded improperly runs the risk of several potentially dangerous problems. Newer homes are usually grounded because of high safety regulations but if you own an older house, there are more chances that your house will not be grounded at all. Whether your house is old or new grounded system problems and safety can become ineffective if the house has a few bad electrical connections. Because of this reason, you should always have your electrical system in good condition by having it periodically inspected by qualified local electricians in North Charleston, SC.

The worst and most harmful situation that can arise because of an ungrounded electrical system is residential fire. Ungrounded electrical systems also pose the risk of electric shocks from outlets and sockets. Since electrical current always flows along the path of least resistance, you can get electrocuted if you ever use any ungrounded device. In an electrical system that is fully grounded, misdirected or excess current is channeled into the ground connection and then into the ground. If there is no ground connection or a poor ground connection in the house, electricity could travel through your body to the ground. In this case you would end up becoming the ground connection – a condition that can lead to serious injury or also death.

On one hand your electronic devices will suffer and on the other, you and your loved ones will be in danger. Proper grounded electrical system is an important safety aspect that takes away any extra electricity from your electronics, and saves them from any catastrophic damage and accumulative wear and tear. You will be safe and your electrical appliances will have a longer life.

Finding if your Electric Outlets Are Grounded:

Determining whether your house’s wiring is grounded or not is a relatively simple task but remember to be cautious when working with electricity.

The major indication of a grounded home is three prong outlets instead of two. A three-prong outlet usually has a “U-shaped slot” which serves as the grounding component in the outlet.

For ensuring furthermore, you would need to insert the circuit tester’s red probe into the smaller outlet slot and insert the black probe into the larger slot of the outlet. If the indicator lights up, it would mean that the outlet is grounded. If the indicator doesn’t light up, insert the probes in reverse order. If this causes the indicator to light up, it would mean that the outlet is grounded but wired in reverse. In case no light comes on, the outlet is ungrounded.

You should check this on all the outlets of your home. It might be reasonable to think that if one outlet was properly grounded, all of them would be. But it is usual for older homes to have a lot of renovation projects in them. This could mean that not all outlets would have been redone to ground the wiring. If you cannot assess yourself, you can always get the help of electricians in North Charleston, SC.

Get the Help of Electricians in North Charleston, SC

When in doubt, never take the risk. If your house is old, it is significantly important to have an electrical safety assessment from electricians in North Charleston, SC on a periodic basis. This will not only identify the existing problems but will also unearth any potential issues that can lead to hazardous situations. This important step in home maintenance can keep you and your family safe for years to come.