Things to Know Before Hiring Electrical Repair Services

  • When you are hiring electrical repair services in Summerville, SC, you want to make sure that the company is accredited and has licensed workers to handle dangerous electrical tasks. Always ask about the worker that is going to be sent to work at your place and request his prior knowledge and experience in handling a specific task. Find out about the license requirements in your state and check whether the company in question is following them. The company also needs to be up to date with the ethical code of conduct.
  • Whenever you are hiring repair, maintenance or installation services, it is important to consult more than one company to make the best decision. Consulting a few contractors can help you determine who is offering you the best deal for your budget. You want to make sure that you are not just being ripped off. Request references from each company and contact a few customers who have used their services. This would give you a better idea of which company is more suitable. You might even get to know who the best man for the job is so you could request the company to send that person only to perform electrical repair tasks in your home. Verifiable references gives you the confidence that the Summerville electrician you hire has experience and has already completed the task successfully before. You could also ask people you know whether they have heard good reviews about the company in question. You would get a better idea about the company’s reputation.
  • If there are dangerous electrical tasks to be done, make sure that you hire an electrician that can offer warranty for his services. A warranty should is given in the form of an official, written document that guarantees the remedial action that would be taken in case of damage, flaws or mistakes.

Common Electricity Hazards in Your Home

There are several electricity hazards that you come across at your office and in your home. Usually, you can tell that you need to hire electrical repair services in Summerville, SC in case there are dangers of sparks, fire or explosion. Here are common electricity hazards that you need to be careful about.


Why Hire Mr. Sparky’s Services?

We provide the following electrical services:

  • A power extension could be loaded with too many wires, which puts additional load on the power supply of the room because there could be other electrical devices operating and consuming energy. The additional load increases risk of sparks and explosion. When cable wires are clogged up or tangled – that could also increase chances for an explosion. When you hire electrical repair services in Summerville, SC, you want to make sure that their wiring services conform to safety standards. You need a licensed electrician to examine your wiring every few weeks or months, depending on how often you get new wires and electrical devices or how frequently you change the setting. The precautionary measure that you should take yourself include: checking on loose wires and connections; wire insulation, overheated appliances, cords and wires and old or damaged electrical appliances.
  • Water is a strong conductor of electricity. In fact, electricity travels faster through water. Touching anything electric puts you at risks of shocks and electrocution. Your body is composed of water and electricity can easily travel fast throughout. You should never handle electrical appliances, such as switching on and off, with wet hands. Electrical outlets should be installed away from washrooms, doors and windows as that is where a high degree of moisture and rainwater is likely to come into contact with electricity, resulting in fires. Furthermore, in case an electrical device catches fire, pouring water is the worst thing anyone could do. Call electrical repair services in Summerville, SC, Adding water just adds more fuel to the fire. Instead, turn off the power supply.
  • Toddlers are prone to shocks because they want to try out everything. When you have dangerous appliances or outlets in the house, make sure you also employ safety measures with the help of electrical repair services in Summerville, SC. For instance, you could seal empty power outlets with tape and you could place wires in inaccessible places. You could place appliances at a height that they can’t reach.
  • Leaving switches or electrical devices on when not in use could also consume more energy and increase risks of shocks. Do not unplug device without switching it off from the outlet first. Furthermore, make sure that the wattage of your light bulbs is not higher than that of the lamp as that also increases risks of shocks. Contact electrical repair services in Summerville, SC for safety measures that you could take in your home.
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