Whether you are re-decorating your house or decorating the one you just bought, you will need electricians in Charleston, SC for the installation of lighting and electrical wiring. The things that can sky rocket your electrical bill are the lighting and the central heating system. If not installed properly, heat loss from the house can not only raise your bills but also weaken the integrity, exterior and interior of the house.

The first thing that people notice when they enter a house is the lighting. While skylight windows are a great option for kitchen or the attic, this type of lighting does not work well with other rooms. The second thing that people feel is the ventilation system. You might have lowered the thermostat to save on your bill but this will keep your house warm in summers and vice versa, for a long time. For both these situations, electricians Charleston, SC recommend installing recessed lighting and ceiling fans in your house. Both options are green and can benefits you and your house in more than one way. Below are some benefits of recessed lighting and ceiling fans.

Recessed Lighting

A recessed light is a small bulb, different than ordinary bulb that is fixed into a hole drilled in the ceiling. Today recessed lighting is found in almost all houses, as it adds a certain appeal to the house. Following are some benefits, as to why electricians Charleston, SC recommend installing these in your home:

Makes Your Room Look Bigger
Recessed lighting takes up less space and removes the nuisance of any fixtures hanging out of the socket destroying the decor of the room. The effect “wall washing” is one of the biggest reasons why people use recessed lighting. When the right kind of light reflects the trim of the can in the ceiling, it illuminates the room better and makes it look more spacious.
Long Lasting Performance
Ordinary bulbs last around three to six months as compared to recessed lighting. Since, now a day’s it’s a requirement that all recessed lights must be Insulation Contact (IC) rated, the light bulbs can last around 5 years. Compare it with remote controlled lighting for dimmers or turning it off after six hours, they can last for 18 years.
Environmentally Friendly
Compared to conventional lighting, recessed lighting increases your light’s efficiency by 85%. They are non-toxic and with the IC, you will have a safety net, in case the bulb breaks. The IC is like a can in a can, where the bulb is surrounded with insulation that protects the wiring from catching fire. In case, the inner can surface does get hot, the outer surface will help keep the lighting cool.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are great accessories to add to your home. In summer, as well as winter, they offer great benefits. Apart from the obvious i.e. is improving your house’s decor, following are some benefits that will make you realise what a great commodity they can be to your home:

Lower Energy Costs
A central heating unit can be quite expensive, whether it is summer or winter. Changing the thermostat constantly can not only increase your bills but can also make the system malfunction. Then there’s maintenance and repairs that require electricians Charleston, SC. In case you hire amateur electricians Charleston, SC, you are looking at piles and piles of bills, every year when the weather changes. Working with a professional ceiling fan installer would be a better use of your money. 

The reason why electricians Charleston, SC recommend installing a ceiling fan is because it can lower your electricity by 60%. This does not mean that you need to uninstall your central unit. This gives you the benefit of setting the thermostat just once, whereas the draft from the fan will regulate the air, making your room feel cooler.

Is a Safe Backup
We often depend on our AC to be our ‘cool partner’ in summers. However, have you ever thought how you will survive the sweltering heat once your AC is down? By getting a ceiling fan installed early by electricians Charleston, SC, you will have a backup in case your AC malfunctions and you are unable to call for an emergency electrician.

The Secret to Summer and Winter Savings

One of the biggest benefits of a ceiling fan lies in the direction in which it spins. This is one of the reasons why you should hire electricians Charleston, SC for its installation. They will guide you in which fan to buy and give you tips on how you can maintain it.

Today, ceiling fans are available in various decorative forms, where they have a light fixture. These lights are available in various colours too. They can act as night lights and even set the mood during a romantic dinner or a party.

What most people don’t know is that with a simple switch, they can easily change the entire way they spend their summer or winter. Following are two things that you probably didn’t know about ceiling fans but must be aware of:

In summer, the blades of a ceiling fan must move counter clockwise, when looked from below. This is known as the “summer’s wind-chill effect” and offers the following benefits:

  • Lowers the room temperature by 6° to 8°
  • Saves 40% on AC cost

Note: The blade’s leading edges should point upwards, so that the air moves down.

In winter, the blades of a ceiling fan must move clockwise. This distributes warm air that is located at the ceiling. Its benefits include:

  • Removes the hassle of heating devices, as well as the cost of buying heating fuel
  • Saves 15% on energy bills

Note: The blade’s leading edges should point downwards, so that the warm air moves down.

The spin direction of the fan can be changed easily by just switching the button located on its body. As for the fan blades’ position, you can always call electricians Charleston, SC. Mister Sparky® of Charleston is America’s renowned and on time electricians Charleston, SC that offers installation services for recessed lighting and ceiling fans. For further information about their services, call at (843) 418-0696.