An electrical panel is a critical component of the electrical system in your home that holds circuit breakers to control power distribution. It powers your appliances and devices to ensure you are comfortable, keeps your foods and drinks fresh, and provides light at night and in dark rooms.

The panels protect your property from electrical fires and your loved ones from electrical hazards such as shocks, burns, and electrocution. They are susceptible to failure over time due to deterioration and other damages that might require electricians to fix them as soon as possible.

When the electrical panels, such as the main breaker, sub-panel, and exchange switcher, start to produce a burning smell and strange noises, it is a sign that you should start planning for a panel upgrade because it might break down eventually.

Other indicators that can make an electrician near me in the city recommend new circuit breakers include electrical shocks and sparks that prove an issue with the wiring.

Since the last thing you want is a malfunctioning panel breaker, it is essential to allow the hired electrical experts to upgrade the electrical panel to improve its efficiency. Below are the practical pros and cons of refurbishing your panels.

Benefits Of Improving Your Electrical Panel System

Enhances Safety

There is nothing as destructive in homes as electrical issues that lead to fires and other hazards such as electrocutions and shocks. A scorching odor from the metallic panel box indicates an overheating system that can lead to a fire breakout without prompt repairs from a skilled electrician near me in town.

It poses a high risk of property destruction and loss of life due to fires that account for over 350 civilian deaths, 1,330 burn injuries, and $1.5 billion in property damage annually from 2015 to 2019. Upgrading the circuit breaker box will eliminate the dangers, making your family feel safe for the longest time.

Increases Energy-Efficiency

An electrician near me in Mount Pleasant, SC can also suggest upgrading your old main or sub-panels to the new Smart Panels. The advanced circuit breaker box has a distribution switchboard that supplies adequate power to your house while monitoring energy usage. It features embedded stand-alone metering units that provide information about power consumption displayed on the gadget.

Integrated communication interfaces that connect to the distribution units make transmission of information in the switchboards easy through wireless internet connectivity.

Proper installation of the Smart electrical panels by an electrician near me in the region provides essential information about electricity, the status of the circuit breaker panel, and energy consumption, helping you save on utility bills.

The control and monitoring devices in the switchgear of the panel breaker help open, close, reset and protect the electrical system for corrective, predictive, and preventive tune-up processes. So, if you want energy-efficient electrical panels, call an electrical professional to install the new Smart panels on your residential property.

Improves Power Levels

If the installed electrical panels are low amperage and unable to handle all your electrical requirements, it is high time you call a reputable electrical company for upgrading services. An experienced electrician near me in the county can help calculate the amps of all your appliances and devices and evaluate them to determine if they are higher or lower than those in the panel.

For instance, if the Amps of the existing circuit breaker panel is 150 amperage, it might be wise to enhance it to 200 Amps to ensure it meets all your power needs in your household.

When planning to buy a new washing machine, heating, and cooling unit, remodel your kitchen and bathroom with electric tubs and cookers, and install new water heaters for increased comfort and convenience, you can go for electrical panels with higher amperage.

As the electrician near me in Mount Pleasant, SC starts the upgrading process, it is wise to factor in the future electricity needs in your household to get the best electrical panel that sufficiently satisfies the requirements.

Improves Electrical Performance

Homeowners who continuously complain of constant tripping of the circuit breakers, numerous electrical shocks, and dimming or flickering of lights should invest in a new electrical circuit breaker panel.

The poor performance of the electrical system, especially whenever you switch on heavy appliances, requires more highly efficient main or sub-electric panels. Buying and installing a more advanced breaker panel box with the assistance of an electrician near me in the city will significantly improve the performance of your electrical systems.

Drawbacks Of Upgrading Electrical Panel

High Costs

Most people avoid refurbishing the electrical panel because of the high expenses. The upgrade requires new and advanced panels that might be costly to buy and install.

For that reason, you should call an electrician near me in the city to start the upgrading procedure if you are financially ready to see it through. It is also sharp-witted to look for qualified and experienced installers to do the upgrading, which might require higher payment for their services.

Time Consuming

Another common drawback that makes homeowners shy away from the panel upgrading process is the time factor. A skilled and experienced electrician in Mount Pleasant, SC can take a couple of hours to get the job done right the first time.

Replacing the main breaker panel might even take longer, depending on the size of your home. Therefore, you should be psychologically ready to have no power for hours if you have no generator.

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