What homeowner doesn’t want to save some energy? Using less electricity can reduce monthly utility bill costs and each home’s carbon footprint. Still, sometimes energy saving initiatives do not work out as planned, turning into DIY flops. Or, perhaps the ingenious individual attempted something a bit too extreme, or completely bizarre.

1. For instance, take this tip to save energy in the winter by curing fish with alcohol.

2. Or this facepalm inducing advice: Wondering how to check for heat loss on the cheap? Just use your kids and pets.

3. Extreme borders on ridiculousness with this list of suggestions, including baking cookies in the car.

4. Plus, it would seem that tip numbers twelve and thirteen, washing your clothes in the shower, negates the energy saved from taking shorter showers.

5. When it comes to saving energy for the good of the planet, here are a few ideas that just went too far, such as cow fart offsets. Yes, you read that correctly.

6. Heating and cooling systems hog a lot of energy, so it’s no wonder people try to find alternative solutions, like these hilarious homemade air conditioners.

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