We’ve all noticed that big grey box with different colored wires and buttons either in our basement our in our garages, but do we really know what to do with it? Some homeowners – especially those with a DIY-mindset – know exactly what it is, but others rely on their trusty technicians to help them out. Either way, we’re here to help you understand your main panel a little bit better.

What Do Main Panels Do?

It’s no surprise that electricity is our best friend, especially when it comes to daily life and powering the appliances and tools that make our lives more efficient. However, how and where that electricity comes from can sometimes be a question we ask ourselves. This is where our electrical panels come in.

The main panel’s job is to protect the wiring in your home from a fuse or circuit break, which is especially important to homeowners in Florida during those summer storms. These panels could be a fuse panel or a circuit breaker panel, and depending on the age of your home, the models may vary. However, regardless of the model, they’re there to avoid an overload.

Should You Have More Than One Main Panel?

Some homeowners consider adding a main panel or replacing it with a bigger one when they need to exceed the capacity of their current breaker panel. The use of fuses is also important and some homeowners will upgrade to circuit breakers instead.

You are also able to have more than one main panel for your home as long as they are correctly connected. This is where the help from a technician becomes crucial. You want to make sure that you are keeping your home safe and working on your main panel properly. Keep in mind that purchasing a newer panel or adding more panels will not give your home more power.

Main Panel Help in Tampa

Working with the electricity in your home can be tricky… after all, you wouldn’t want to damage a fuse or any other important components in your main panel. The experienced technicians at Mister Sparky can help, providing you with tips to keep your main panel in good shape. Give us a call today or schedule your service appointment online.