Where would we be without the convenience of modern-day appliances and electricity? In every room of your home, you can find an electrical source, phone chargers, power outlets, extension cords and computers cables. Unfortunately, although we need these appliances to stay productive, they weren’t created with toddlers’ safety in mind.

Keep Kitchen Appliances Out of Sight

If you have a toddler, then you know that they are curious about everything and that they have no fear of setting out on their own to discover it. Unfortunately, their curiosity can lead to accidents if proper preventative measures aren’t taken. Small children are fascinated by kitchen appliances and may want to give them a try when you are not around. Coffee pots, blenders and mixers need to be put away after use to prevent possible accidents.

Baby-Proof Electrical Sockets

Thankfully, modern design makes it is almost impossible for children to stick their fingers into an electrical socket. However, toddlers have an innate curiosity when it comes to plugs and outlets and sticking foreign objects into an electrical socket can cause serious burns. Ensure their safety by removing these items from their reach and keeping electrical sockets covered.

Do Not Leave Heating Appliances and Electronics Unattended

Portable heaters, kettles, hair straighteners and other electronics can pose a serious threat if they happen to land in the hands of toddler. Always make sure heating appliances are stored in an inaccessible area.

Additionally, even though some electronics seem harmless, they should not come in contact with water. Keep electronics out of reach and never leave your toddler unattended with water or electronics at any time, because it only takes a few seconds for a tragic accident to occur.

Contact Mister Sparky for Electrical Service

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