Save Money This Summer by Taking Advantage of Off-peak Energy Hours

Summer weather makes it fun to enjoy time outdoors, but the high energy bills that come with it can put a damper on your fun. Fortunately, you can save money on your summer electricity bills by taking advantage of off-peak hours from local energy providers.

Here’s what you need to know about off-peak energy hours and how to make the most of them.

What Are Off-peak Energy Hours?

Off-peak energy hours are times of day when there’s less demand for electricity. Usually, these are during the early morning, evening, and overnight. During off-peak hours, energy providers like Georgia Power offer lower summer electricity rates to encourage customers to use electricity when demand is low. This means that running your dishwasher or charging your car at night – instead of during typical work 9-5 work hours – saves you money.

What Time of Day Is Electricity Most Expensive in Marietta, Buford, and Nearby?

If you want to spend less on electricity during the summer peak hours, you’ll want to cut back on energy usage from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. on weekdays from June through September. This is when Georgia Power’s summer rates are highest. Peak-hour electricity rates can be up to four times more expensive than off-peak rates, leading to large bill spikes when you use excessive electricity in the daytime.

How Can You Take Advantage of Energy Peak and Off-Peak Times?

During a hot Atlanta summer, your air conditioning system will be the biggest energy draw. Here are ways to take advantage of off-peak energy hours and reduce your energy costs during summer.

  • Use fans instead of air conditioning during peak hours. Fans are an excellent way to stay cool during the summer without using a lot of energy. They use significantly less energy than air conditioning units and can help circulate cool air throughout your home. Consider running ceiling fans during peak hours to keep your home cool without driving up your energy costs.

  • Use a programmable thermostat. A programmable or smart thermostat can help you save money on your energy bills by automatically adjusting the temperature in your home during the more expensive peak hours. Set your thermostat to increase the temperature when you're away from home during the day, and then lower it during off-peak hours when you're home and need to stay cool.

You can also maximize off-peak energy use by cooling your home a few extra degrees just before raising the temperature during peak hours.

  • Do your laundry and run your dishwasher at night. Your home's washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher are frequently energy-intensive appliances. Running them during off-peak hours can significantly reduce your energy costs and mitigate indoor humidity.

  • Unplug unused appliances. Even when they're not in use, devices that are plugged in can still use energy. Unplugging unused appliances, especially during peak hours, can reduce your energy costs during the summer months. Consider keeping chargers, toasters, and coffee makers unplugged during the day when not in use.


What if I Don’t Want to Participate?

Don’t worry if you’re not interested; you have to sign up for an off-peak program to start seeing price differences. You won’t enjoy reduced electricity rates in off-peak hours if you don’t sign up, but you also won’t pay more for the electricity used during on-peak hours. A standard residential contract will land somewhere between the on- and off-peak rates but won’t vary by time of day. You may consider skipping the summer Georgia Power rates program if you spend most of your time at home and using electricity during weekdays.

Increase Your Home’s Energy-Efficiency to Save Even More

You can significantly reduce your energy costs, even when the Atlanta weather turns hot, by taking advantage of Georgia Power electric rates during off-peak hours. Use off-peak hours and these other tips to save money and stay cool. For help installing programmable thermostats, ceiling fans, or any other electrical needs, contact Mister Sparky of Atlanta at (770) 824-9592 or book an appointment online.